Trustee Services

Global Financial Trust Management Group provides fiduciary services worldwide as trustees in various jurisdictions around the world. Our global network provides us the capability to provide international trust services adding significant value to the structure and strategy of most international trust arrangements. Global Financial Trust Management Group will act as trustees and attend to all administration of domestic or foreign affairs.

Global Financial Trust Management Group offers a complete suite of Trustee services:

  • Acting as trustee of all forms of private member international or foreign trusts.

  • Formation and trusteeship of charitable trusts and non-charitable purpose trust.

  • Acting as trustees of overseas-based superannuation, pension or provident funds, and
    international employee benefit trusts.

  • Establishment of unit trusts or business trusts and acting as trustees or administrators thereof.

  • Nominee facilities for private prosperity including custodianship and acting as escrow agents.

  • Formation, trusteeship and administration of international trading trust structures.

  • Incorporation and management of Private Trustee Companies in various jurisdictions.

  • Incorporation and administration of Managed (or "cubicle") Trustee Companies.

  • Provision of independent protector services for international or foreign trusts.